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Media Coverage

9-9-19 | Financial Planning                        

9-5-19 | FA Magazine                               

PE Firms Dominate Big RIA Deals, Present Challenges

9-4-19 |              

How a Market Downturn Would Devestate RIA Valuations

10-30-17 | ThinkAdvisor                            

Who Will be the Last Firm Standing?

09-19-17 | Financial Planning                    

RIA Sellers are Leaving "Tons of Money on The Table"

09-28-17 | ThinkAdvisor                            

Increasing Business Value Through Technology

10-25-16 | ThinkAdvisor                            

Technology Disruption Driving M&A in Wealth Management

10-21-16 | RIABiz                                     

LPL Financial Share Price Tumbles to Pre-Hostsile Bid Levels in Atmosphere of Eerie Calm

10-20-16 | Investment News                      

The DOL Fiduciary Rule: RIA M&A Catalyst or Killer?

10-20-16 |          

You Are How You Pay

9-5-19 | Barron's                                      

How Long Can the RIA Buying Frenzy Last?

9-5-19 | Financial Planning                        

Is There a Deal Bubble in the Frenzied RIA M&A Market

10-08-18 | RIABiz                                     

Tibergien and Seivert Debate on Private Equity's Role in Wealth Management

09-20-17 | Financial Advisor IQ                 

RIAs Poised to Land Wirehouse Recruits

09-22-17 | RIABiz                                     

Dan Seivert Puts LA on RIA Map with High Aptitude Summit

10-27-16 | Financial Advisor IQ                 

Quest for Do-it-All Advice Platform Drives M&As

10-24-16 | Financial Advisor IQ                 

DOL Rule's Impact of RIA M&A Activity is Uncertain

10-21-16 | RIABiz                                     

Coming RIA Custody Fees & New Recruiting War Catch Attention of Deal Hounds in Manhattan

10-20-16 |          

How Savvy RIA Buyers Should Negotiate in a Seller's Market

10-13-16 | FA Magazine                           

LPL Suitors Most Likely PE Firms